10 Best Manhwa without NTR You Should Consider Reading!

10 Best Manhwa without NTR You Should Consider Reading!

We may read a lot of manhwa every day, and in most of them, there will undoubtedly be NTR (Netorare). Queen Bee, Taming a Maid, and Drug Candy, for example, contain disturbing NTR content.

So, if you’re looking for some peaceful romance between the couples in these mature manhwa/webtoons, we’ve got a good list for you. So, without further ado, let’s get started on the list of manhwa without NTR!

Best Manhwa without NTR!

10. Nineteen


Nineteen is a collection of eight unrelated erotically charged stories. The majority of them have a couple of chapters, but some are exceptions. The narration of the story is smooth and feels as if someone is recounting their life experience.

You get after party themes, party games in which people have to make out with each other, having intercourse in public places, and exploiting lonely situations. There will be no NTR scenarios because these stories are completely unrelated to one another.

The female characters are adorable, and the artist does an excellent job of making the scenes as sensual as possible. If you’re looking for a manhwa without NTR, this is the one for you.

9. Tie me Up

Tie me Up

Namgeon and Yeorang are strangers who work in the adult industry. When their lives are ruined by sexual defections and rumours, they decide to commit suicide.

A miracle occurs when they each go to a hardware store to buy a rope to end their lives. The rope miraculously cures their sexual problems, and they both decide to enjoy the pleasures that come with it.

The story is straightforward and fair, and the characters are endearing. While the concept is intriguing, the manhwa’s true significance lies in the chemistry.

There is no NTR or simple romance to keep you entertained until the very end. Even if the story feels rushed at times, you’ll enjoy it.

8. Sports Girl

Sports Girl

Sweaty women who work out are way too sexier, and this manhwa involves a collection of six short stories where sports girls make out in various situations.

  • The boxer (Chapters 1-4)
  • The swimmer (Chapters 5-8)
  • The biker (Chapters 9-12)
  • The runner (Chapters 13-16)
  • The two wrestlers (Chapters 17-22)
  • The Gymnast (Chapters 23-27)

In other words, all the couples in these chapters immediately get interested in each other and proceed to have a pleasurable time. It has no NTR because of the concept, and you’ll love it.

7. The Spot Master

The Spot Master

The MC adores every woman he meets and wishes to win their hearts. Despite the fact that it appears impossible, a woman teaches him the “Spot” technique. What will he do with it?

The Spot Master is a hilarious manhwa that features numerous amusing interactions and intercourses. You’d have the best life if you were in MC’s shoes.

It has good artwork and an intriguing plot, and there is no NTR stuff to detract from the experience.

6. PC Goddess Room

PC Goddess Room

Yan Lui is a well-known beauty in a PC room in Seoul. Tae Sim frequents the café just to gaze at her.

When a gang of thugs attempts to abuse her, he saves her and falls in love with her. Is it a dream come true?

PC Goddess Room starts slowly, with a few funny scenes, but once it gets into the main story, where the MC falls in love with her, it picks up.

The artwork was good, and the story was adequate. But the best thing about them is their chemistry, and there is no NTR in this film, just a beautiful romance between the leads.

5. Sweet Guy

 Sweet Guy

Hosang has a string of bad luck with women, and he has no idea why. Everything changes, however, when he is electrocuted by a friend’s electric mat.

Hosang is ready to live his life to the fullest with his newfound ability, which attracts almost every woman he meets. Could this be a life that no one expects?

The concept is fairly realistic, as it revolves around a nerd who has no luck with women. Obviously, this is one of the best erotic manhwas I’ve read, both in terms of story and execution.

The artwork is stunning, and there are numerous romantic scenes that elevate it to new heights. The characters are likable and if you’re expecting some hardcore stuff, you got that too, and it’s without any NTR stuff involved.

4. A Pervert’s Daily Life

A Pervert’s Daily Life

Seyoung is overjoyed to be living in her new company dorm, and she walked right into her room without hesitation. Jinwoo was enjoying himself in the room at the same time.

These two appear to be roommates, and Jinwoo can’t hide his embarrassment. Seyoung, on the other hand, has a dirty little secret that makes her the ideal roommate.

The first 15-20 chapters of the manhwa are almost entirely repetitive, with embarrassing situations between the leads. But it really picks up after chapter 20.

The artwork is stunning, and the characters are adorable. Overall, you’ll have a good time reading this webcomic.

3. The Missing O

The Missing O

Eunsung hasn’t had a proper orgasm in 7 years, and that’s when she discovered the true pleasures of having sex. Can she ever feel the same ecstasy she did the first time?

This manhwa is about sexual issues and relationships. The writing was excellent, and the main characters’ relationship is endearing. The art is strange at times, but you’ll get used to it quickly.

Even with censorship, the intercourse scenes will make your time worthwhile, and overall, it is a pretty good manhwa with no disturbing scenes.

2. The Virgin Witch

 The Virgin Witch

Mihye, a 30-year-old virgin, is eager to pop the cherry and finally enjoy the pleasures of being a woman, but all she has for her birthday is wine and cake. She makes a wish and, to her surprise, a handsome man appears in front of her.

He makes her an enticing offer: become a witch and make him your familiar, and your life will be forever changed. We’re guessing she won’t be riding on broomsticks anymore!

This manhwa is unquestionably a guilty pleasure read. It’s every woman’s fantasy, especially if she’s a virgin. The artwork may not appear to be the best, but it was done with care, and the characters are incredible.

1. Lucky Guy

Lucky Guy

Jungsuk failed his most important exam and was even dumped by his girlfriend. With the rejection of his preferred college, his future appears bleak. But Jungsuk refused to give up and instead enrolled in a boarding cram school.

The school is mostly closed to the outside world, and he’s stuck with stressed-out and horny students who act strangely. Even though it is distracting, Jungsuk can learn to focus from busty Kang.

Lucky Guy is your typical student-teacher love story with a happy ending, as would be expected from a manhwa without NTR. It’s a simple story with no cheating on a partner, and the romance is fairly smooth.

The artwork isn’t perfect, but it’s certainly eye-catching. The author did an excellent job of incorporating sexual intercourse every now and then to make it a mature manhwa, and you’ll enjoy it overall.

Conclusive Thoughts!

We’ve grown tired of NTR themes where everyone ends up in despair after reading so many popular webtoons (especially 18+). Reading some cute, non-NTR manhwa is a welcome change of pace.

These titles will keep you sane for a while and make you appreciate the benefits of a loyal relationship. So, are there any other manhwa without NTR that you think should be added to the list? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.