7 Hot Manhwa like Painter of the Night to Read!

7 Hot Manhwa like Painter of the Night to Read!

If you like BL webtoons, you’ve probably read “Painter of the Night.” It captivated the audience with its flawless blend of historical and boy’s love concepts.

If you enjoyed it and are looking for more webtoons/manhwa like Painter of the Night, then this list is for you. After all, they all give you similar vibes but take different approaches.

Manhwa like Painter of the Night!

1. To Take an Enemy’s Heart

1. To Take an Enemy’s Heart

Kassan is brought as a slave by Igen after his clan is slaughtered, and he is to serve him from now on. Despite his ruthlessness, Kassan soon falls for him.

I’m going to say only one thing. With this manhwa, you’ll have a fantastic start and a lovely ending. You’ll fall in love with the characters, and the romance is out of this world.

Because they are both BL, and the way the couple meets and treats each other, this manhwa is similar to Painter of the Night. In addition, both are set in the past. So you’re going to have a good time with this one.

2. The Palace of Bardo

2. The Palace of Bardo

The first emperor is obsessed with Gwang-in and will not stop until he obtains his desire. Gwang-in chooses death to escape the emperor’s clutches.

However, after a hundred years, they are both born in the same era, and only Gwang-in remembers the past.

The Palace of Bardo may not be an unpredictable story, but if you read it thoroughly, you will thoroughly enjoy it. An obsessive emperor and a fearful normal man fall in love.

This BL manhwa, set in the historical period, ensures that you get everything you enjoyed while reading “Painter of the Night.”

3. Cover Up

3. Cover Up

Geum-hwa, a tattoo artist, leaves an abusive relationship and travels to Japan at the invitation of an unknown customer. Ryusei, a handsome half-Korean, has a scar on his back.

While Geum-hwa is covering it up with his tattoo, a spark develops between them, and to add a plot twist, Geum-ex hwa’s is still in love with him.

You see, a few elements are similar, such as how one character abuses another to satisfy his desires and gives you a heartwarming feeling.

Because they’re both BL and the story follows the same path as Painter of the Night, you’ll get similar vibes from this one. As a result, it is a manhwa, similar to Painter of the Night.

4. Killing Stalking

4. Killing Stalking

Yoon Bum, a shy college student, is madly in love with Oh Sangwoo.

When he continues stalking as usual, he discovers a body in Sangwoo’s basement and attempts to flee his home.

This manhwa is much darker than Painter of the Night. Although the main couple appears odd, each chapter is sure to excite you.

In terms of similarities, both are BL and feature some forcible scenes. So, if you want to read a manhwa like Painter of the Night, make sure to read it.

5. If You Hate Me So

5. If You Hate Me So

Minjae’s life changes when he sees Hyung-jo masturbating, and despite Hyung-threats jo’s to forget what he saw, he can’t stop thinking about him.

The first thing you’ll notice about this manga is how adorable Minjae is, and despite the fact that it only has a few chapters, you’ll have a lot of fun reading it.

In both manhwas, the main characters’ relationships are strikingly similar. If you’re looking for a manhwa similar to Painter of the Night, this is the one.

6. Haunted by Desire

6. Haunted by Desire

Jo Seong-jae is in love with a ghost who resembles his lover, Dohui. But his health deteriorates with each night he spends in bed.

Dohui, concerned, decides to assist him, and, surprisingly, Dohui has a secret that can assist him in curing Jo Seong-jae.

It depicts a lot of twists and turns, just like Painter of the Night. It makes your time worthwhile with good romance and plot.

It, too, has forcible scenes set in a historical setting in almost every chapter, giving us the impression that it is a manhwa similar to Painter of the Night.

7. BJ Alex

7. BJ Alex

Dong-gyun admires Alex, a broadcast jockey who openly discusses his sexual experiences with his audience. Dong-gyun gets drunk at an event one day and wakes up in bed with Alex.

This is something I’m going to say plainly. Why is this manhwa on the list if it isn’t similar to Painter of the Night?

Simply put, the enjoyment and experience you had with “Painter of the Night” manhwa is immeasurable, and we want to provide you with the same enjoyment and experience with another fantastic BL webtoon.

But some of the themes, such as BDSM, forcing another guy to sleep with him, and art, made me feel the same way. So read it for yourself and decide for yourself.

Conclusive Thoughts!

“Painter of the Night” has undoubtedly been an amazing read for the readers, and to fill the void, we compiled a list, which is now complete.

Although the titles are numbered, we believe each one is worth reading and will provide you with similar enjoyment as Painter of the Night.

So, how do you feel about our article? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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