8 Best Gay Anime Movies of All Time!

8 Best Gay Anime Movies of All Time!

Yaoi anime series are extremely rare, but when it comes to movies, they are even more so. As a result, finding a beautifully crafted steamy gay romance anime may be difficult.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a fantastic list of the best gay anime movies that you’ll enjoy watching alone or with your lover. So, let us welcome you to the world of yaoi.

Best Gay Anime Movies List!

8. Be-Boy Kidnapp’n Idol

Be-Boy Kidnapp’n Idol

Kazuya is a well-known idol who spends his days rehearsing and signing autographs for his fans. In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games with Akihiko, which frequently leads to squabbles.

Akihiko fights to protect Kazuya when a rich old geezer tries to kidnap him to satisfy his sadistic taste for pretty boys. Can Akihiko save his beloved Kazuya from this predicament?

Another yaoi OVA anime film with a short running time. Although the ending was a little ambiguous, it was a joy to watch. We’ve seen better yaoi anime films, but if you want something short and sweet, this is it.

7. Lesson XX

Lesson XX

Shizuka’s high school experience is going well, with good friends, good grades, and popularity. However, intimacy with his classmate Ichitaro Sakura is something he lacks. Is his attraction to his friend genuine love? or does he want something physical?

Lesson XX is a short and sweet yaoi anime film that lasts 49 minutes. The only flaw in this anime is its length; if it had been an hour or an hour and a half, it would have been perfect. However, it still packs a powerful emotional and romantic punch.

6. Natsu e no Tobira

Natsu e no Tobira

Marion, a fifteen-year-old boy attending a French boarding school, has matured principles. He believes that most emotions, such as love and anger, are unnecessary, and that sex is merely a survival necessity.

However, this is only how he appears on the outside in order to conceal his naivety and frailty. He begins to explore all of those feelings when he meets a seductive woman.

Yes, indeed. The premise does not evoke feelings of boy-on-boy love, but there is plenty of boy-on-boy action in this anime film. It is one of the first films produced by the legendary Madhouse studio, as well as a heartbreaking story worth experiencing.

5. Zetsuai 1989

Zetsuai 1989

Koji is a pop idol who has it all but is still unhappy. After getting drunk one night, he is rescued by Izumi, a young man who aspires to be a soccer player.

Koji is moved by Izumi’s kindness and decides to express his feelings. Izumi, on the other hand, is insecure and is intimidated by Koji’s demeanour. Will Koji be able to find his way into Izumi’s heart?

Zetsuai 1989 is a 50-minute yaoi anime that is both emotional and steamy. Despite our reservations, all we can say is that it passionately connects with the viewer. Watch it if you’re looking for classic gay/bl anime movies.

4. This Boy Caught a Merman

4. This Boy Caught a Merman

Shima is raised by his grandfather following his parents’ divorce, and his grandfather dies one day. He cries by the ocean side, overcome by grief, and falls into the water, nearly drowning.

Then a handsome merman boy named Isaki saves his life and insists on staying at his house until he recovers. They bond over time, but because they are from different species, can they stay together forever?

To begin with, the animation in this OVA film is stunning, and the chemistry between the main characters is delightful. It makes you laugh, cry, and, above all, it makes you want more of their romance. If you’re looking for some yaoi anime movies with unique setting, watch it.

3. Yes, No, or Maybe?

Yes, No, or Maybe?

Kunieda Kei is a newscaster known for his flawless and cool demeanour. He’s the polar opposite on the inside, with a fiery temper. Nonetheless, he successfully manages both his personal and professional lives.

However, everything changes when he meets Tsuzuki Ushio, who witnesses his true personality. In the midst of a relationship with Ushio, he is hesitant to accept that someone may love both sides of him.

Yes, No, or Perhaps? If you like yaoi and Shounen-ai, this is a great anime series to watch. If you’ve ever wanted to see a beautiful romance in a gay anime film, this could be your new favourite.

2. The Stranger by the Shore

2. The Stranger by the Shore

Shun Hashimoto is an aspiring gay novelist who finds orphaned high school student Mio Chibana attractive. They get closer as they meet on the coast of Okinawa, but Mio announces that he must return to the mainland.

Mio realises his feelings for Shun after three years and confesses to him when he arrives at the coast. Shun, on the other hand, has changed dramatically over the last three years. Will he take the leap of faith?

The Stranger by the Shore is a cute queer anime that also deals with serious issues like homophobia and death. The main advantage of the anime is how lighthearted it remains and how it sparks the romance between the main characters. Try it if you’re looking for cute gay anime movies.

1. Doukyuusei


Carefree Hikaru Kusakabe enjoys music and has joined a band that performs at live events. They are forced to participate in the upcoming chorus festival, and he meets his classmate Rihito Sajou.

Rihito, who appeared to be preoccupied with his studies, never crossed paths with Kusakabe. However, as they become closer, this single encounter changes their lives. They discover they have feelings for each other as they get to know each other better.

Doukyuusei may appear strange at first, and the animation may appear strange, but as the minutes pass, you’ll enjoy every minute of it. The interaction between the characters is flawless, and such execution never fails. If you’re looking for gay anime films, this is a must-see.

Final Thoughts!

So, here are the eight best yaoi anime movies we think you should watch if you like guys. Despite the fact that the majority of them are short and some are from the 1990s, they all have a strong plot.

If you think we’ve missed any other gay anime movies on this list, please share them in the comments section below for the benefit of our fellow yaoi fans.