A Wonderful New World Manhwa is Freaking Amazing!

A Wonderful New World Manhwa is Freaking Amazing!

An authentic “A Wonderful New World Manhwa Review!” by a seasoned manga reader!

There are numerous webtoons with beautiful artwork and intriguing storylines. However, only a few manage to arouse the reader’s fantasies.

I’d heard a lot about “A Wonderful New World” manhwa and went in to see what all the fuss was about, and my reaction was completely unexpected.

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A Wonderful New World Manhwa Review!

I’ve read my fair share of adult webtoons, and only a few of them have managed to entertain me, such as Drug Candy, Perfect Half, and a few others.

This manhwa has become a new favourite of mine, and here’s why.


The majority of adult manhwa have a good plot, but a few do not. When it comes to story, I’d easily give this one an 8 out of 10.

It began as a typical manhwa, but as I progressed through the chapters, the twists and story development forced me to finish it in a single day.

It’s an intense story full of hot women and milfs. Overall, the story is well worth reading and will not disappoint.


This is one of the manhwa’s best features. Some characters, such as Na So-ri and Jo-Seong, were initially too annoying.

But I liked these two characters at some point, and this isn’t the best part yet. The Mc and the Team Leader are the most memorable characters.

Their chemistry was fantastic, and I was completely taken with the team leader. After about 50 chapters, you’ll fall in love with all of the characters.


I’ll only say one word: “Godly!” The artwork in this manhwa is absolutely stunning, and it made me open my eyes wide several times.

Although it was ordinary in the early chapters, wait until it improves and you won’t be able to take your eyes off it.

I especially liked Na-eyes sori’s during her encounter with Mc around chapter 80. The female characters are drawn beautifully, and the artwork adds even more beauty to the story.

What about Sexual Interactions?

I’m not going to lie to you. This was also among the best things to come from this pornhwa. There is no NTR in this one, and there are a few forcible scenes, but don’t mind; they deserve it.

The main character and Na So-ri have the best interaction in this one. It was truly a work of art that made my heart skip a beat.

Furthermore, every time the main character communicates with the Team Leader, you get a fantastic show to watch. So you’re about to witness some f*kery in this manhwa.

A few more thoughts!

Although I’ve only said all the pros of the manhwa, there are a few points you might not like.

As previously stated, some characters are too annoying in the beginning, but the wait for a few more chapters was well worth it.
There are a few forcible scenes that you may not like, but I doubt you would consider it a violation after reading the story.
Aside from that, it was a fantastic read with stunning art, a breathtaking milf, and other outstandingly beautiful women.

The art was so beautiful that you’d see it over and over again by scrolling up and down. Overall, I believe it is worth reading twice (which is, I was going to read the second time).

If you enjoyed this manhwa and are looking for more, these are the ones I recommend.


A Wonderful New World Manhwa!

If you’re wondering whether or not to read this manhwa, don’t hesitate. It is completely worth it, and everything in this one is satisfying. The art is stunning, the story is decent, and the characters are fantastic. So, if you haven’t read it yet, you should do so right away.